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Our range of beers are named Lore, after loric traditions of England, word-of-mouth customs passed on through the generations. Most British pub names are inspired by Lore. The Greene Man has its roots in the Lore of England while the The Hope and Anchor or Cross Keys for example, have more Biblical loric roots. Our four fermenters are named after the four Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, allowing us to combine the history of both traditions, English and Biblical, in our beer.

The Lore Range

English Lore

English Pale Ale

Alc 4.0% Vol.

Our first beer. A medium bodied Pale Ale with malty caramel and marmalade finish.

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Moon Lore

New World Pale Ale

Alc 3.7% Vol.

A refreshing hop-forward New World Pale Ale with a dry finish.

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Angel’s Lore


Alc 4.2% Vol.

Our first lager brewed with hints of citrus and herbal aromas.

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Session Lore


Alc 4.3% Vol.

A zesty US style session IPA.

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Summer Lore



Summer Lore will be available in 2019.

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Winter Lore


Alc 4.8% Vol.


Winter Lore will be available in Winter 2019.

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Brewer’s Trial

Brewer’s Trial is an experimental series of small batch beers from Head Brewer Adrian Peskin’s brew book to be tasted and enjoyed by the curious.

Brewer’s Lore No.2

Best Bitter

Alc 3.9% Vol.

This quaffable ale is a nod to tradition and a reminder of a beer’s ability to capture the drinker with simple ingredients combined well.

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Brewer’s lore No.3


Alc 3.2% Vol.

A refreshingly tart beer which has been created with our locality and summer in mind.

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Brewer’s Lore No. 4

Citra and Mosaic IPA

Alc 6.8% Vol.

The latest addition to the Brewer’s Lore series is our Citra and Mosaic IPA.  A bold dry-hopped IPA producing an inviting citrus fragrance with a tempting hint of grapefruit whilst leaving a tropical kiss on your palate.  A deep golden colour,  this beer is deceptively drinkable at ABV 6.8%

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Brewer’s Lore No. 5

Cocoa Stout

Alc 5.8% Vol.

We teamed up with Bullion, the highly acclaimed craft chocolate producers to create a luxurious cocoa stout. Dark malts as part of the grain bill lead to nuanced notes of chocolate and roast coffee, further accentuated by adding Bullion’s glorious cocoa nibs sourced from Ecuador.

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