We also have a range of our brews available in cask or keg.

English Lore

English Pale Ale at 4.0% Abv 

A beautiful and easily-drinkable ale. Rich chestnut in colour, medium-bodied and well-balanced. English Lore is brewed using both traditionally floor-malted local barley and water from our farm along with a blend of classically British hops and progressive newer varieties. The resulting beer is smooth and layers hints of caramel, honey and orange marmalade with a moreish finish. 

Available in cask.

Moon Lore

New World Pale Ale at 3.7% Abv 

A refreshing hop-forward New World Pale Ale with a verdant bouquet and the mouth-watering zing of citrus. Moon Lore marries zesty tangerine with the sweet crisp freshness of greengages. It has a light finish that gently enlivens the palate prior to each new sip. 

Available in Cask and Keg. 

Sun Lore

Classic Pale Ale at 4.0% Abv 

A classic pale ale brewed with 100% Maris Otter barley, which is grown on the estate, combined with specially chosen hops to give a distinctly refreshing apricot and citrus flavour. Sun Lore gets its name from its striking sunshine yellow colour and is best enjoyed outside on a warm summer’s day. 

Available in Cask and Keg.

Brewers Lore No. 2

A true to style, beer-drinker’s classic. This quaffable ale is a nod to tradition and a reminder of a beer’s ability to capture the drinker with simple ingredients combined well. Our Maris Otter barley provides the platform for a slightly sweet malt body whilst Northdown and Ernest hops add a fresh earthy element to the taste and aroma. A Perfectly balanced brew. 

Available in Cask and Keg. 

Brewers Lore No. 4

A bold dry-hopped IPA with a massive tropical aroma. Mango, orange and pineapple fragrance precede a mandarin and caramel flavour. This beer is deceptively drinkable at 6.8% with an aroma to take you back to the days of tropical juice boxes. 

Available in Keg. 

Brewers Lore No. 7

This super sessionable Classic Pale Ale features some of our Head Brewer’s favourite hops; Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria to give the malt a perfect citrus hop balance. This beer is super easy drinking at 3.2%, malty with fresh citrus notes and golden straw in colour. It leaves you refreshed and wanting just one more. 

Available in Cask and Keg. 

Angels Lore

A subtle and pleasing lager that masters uncomplicated refreshment. Pale straw-yellow in colour, with rounded soft malts and low bitterness, it has hints of crisp lemon sorbet, making it an inconspicuously elegant beer. Angel’s Lore is a light and sophisticated interpretation of a German Helles and has aromatics of fragrant spice and a smooth crisp finish.

Available in Keg. 

Session Lore

Session Lore is about the precise balance of citrus flavours. It has notes of grapefruit and lemon zest and is unfiltered so you can enjoy all of the subtle natural aromas without them being lost in creation.

Available in Keg. 

Brewers Lore No. 8

A mixed fermentation ale brewed using two of our beers as a base product (English Lore and Bewers Lore No. 3 Gooseberry Sour). Saison and ale yeast were added to the beers inside the aged muscatel and burgundy barrels. Once they had finished fermenting, Brett Yeast was then pitched into the barrels. The barrels were then left to age for one year and then blended together to form this unique beer with aromas of dried fruit, Kirsch and sour cherry, it has a gentle sourness, fruity with flavours of black tea on the finish with an appearance of burnished copper. 

Available in Keg. 

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