Introducing our latest, Brewer’s Lore No. 6

We’re excited to share with you the latest addition to our Brewer’s Lore series — Brewer’s Lore No. 6 was parti-gyled into two contrasting beers: White british Grape Ale and Red Piquette.

BL6 Red was fermented using a wine yeast with Triomphe d’Alsace grape must incorporated into the base beer, in collaboration with OffBeat Wines. BL6 has a crystal clear, ruby red beer appearance with a light spritzy flavour reminiscent of a rosé wine.

BL6 White is made from a strong golden grape ale fermented with ale yeast but with a twist. We added the juice of Moscaris, Seyval and Solaris grapes, sourced from Breezy Ridge Vineyard, to give this beer a unique twist. What results is a beer with grape notes on the nose and a delicate stone-fruit flavour.

Brewer’s Lore No. 6 – Red and White is available through our online shop. For trade enquiries, please contact us on

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