Our Process

Although some of our recipes will invariably be more complex in structure, we like to make beer accessible and enjoyable for all.


Water, grains, hops and yeast. Some of the grains we use are from our own barley fields. We choose to have our homegrown barley traditionally floor malted instead of using mechanised industrial processes. This method lets our malted barley breathe and germinate in natural air which delivers a better flavour and aroma.

The Mash

We steep the malt barley in Wiltshire spring water, activating enzymes so that each grain releases its natural sugars. Then, we drain off the warm sweet liquid (wort).

The boil

We boil the wort and add our choice of hops at different stages according to our recipe. This is to balance the beer’s malt sweetness with the perfect blend of bitterness and aroma.

The Fermentation

We cool the wort and then strain, clarify and whirlpool it before it is transferred into one of our fermenters and the yeast is added. This is where our ‘Archangels’ do their work. The beer begins to ferment and, while the yeast begins to eat all of the sugar in the liquid it begins to convert it to C02 and alcohol.

The Beer

Our resulting cask beer is naturally carbonated from the CO2 the residual yeast produces. This means it gently sparkles and has been well-conditioned, so it forms a soft light pillowy head full of aromatics. Each recipe we create is a labour of love, using the land and time-learnt crafts to create beer we hope you want to drink again and again.

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