Archangel Raphael

Raphael is symbolic of having a healing nature. This beer epitomises reassurance, warmth and companionship.

English Lore

English Pale Ale

Alc 4.0% Vol.

A firm favourite from our core range. A beautiful and easily-drinkable ale. Rich chestnut in colour, medium-bodied and well-balanced. English Lore is brewed using both traditionally floor-malted local barley and water from our farm along with a blend of classically British hops and progressive newer varieties. The resulting beer is smooth and layers hints of caramel, honey and orange marmalade with a moreish finish.


Comforting and inviting with teasing citrus notes


Maris Otter, Crystal 150, Wheat, Oats


East Kent Goldings, Whitbread Golding Variety, Archer & Olicana


Smooth, balanced with a malty caramel backbone


Comforting and moreish


A roast dinner, a suet pudding, a syrup sponge, the dance of an open fire

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