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At Gritchie Brewing Company we are dedicated to brewing beer using traditional methods. We work closely together on the Estate to make sure that the beer in your glass is as fresh and tasty as if you were drinking it inside the brewery.

Josh Mitchell

Brewery Assistant and Delivery Driver

Josh is our brewery assistant and delivery driver.  He’s an all-hands-on-deck kind of guy and is a massive help to everyone at the brewery.  If he’s not washing casks or helping to dig out the mash tun, you’ll find him out on the road delivering Gritchie beer to thirsty customers.

Paul Thompson


Paul is hands-down the best drayman a brewery could ever want!  He’s been on the team for several years and is a valuable asset to Gritchie Brewing Company.

Barney Cox

Lead Brewer

Working alongside Kane, our Lead Brewer, Barney Cox has been with the brewery for 3 years. With a chemistry degree from Loughborough University and a passion for beer he has proven his ability in the brew hall and has naturally progressed into the Lead Brewer role at Gritchie.

Nick Brown

Business Manager

Nick Brown is the Business Manager for Gritchie Brewing Company.  Nick is a make-it-happen person and is responsible for ensuring everything from sales to brewery operations are taken care of.

Sally Bayliss and Betsy

Office Manager

Sally is the person who, when you call, you will hear say: “Hello.” She’s the one who knows where everybody is and what they’re doing. She deals with every touchpoint for our beer once it leaves the brewery – whether that means speaking to wholesalers, and publicans or organising a tasting here on site. She’s a steady driver. The list-writer. And the multi-tasker. If you want something done, Sally is the person to do it. She’s the one who can probably help make it happen.

Guy Ritchie

The Boss

Although our founder is best known for writing and directing films, Guy Ritchie is equally passionate about food and drink, particularly beer.

 Guy’s deep interest in beer stems from a fascination with pubs during his upbringing and the stories he heard in them.  His first encounter with beer was a cask ale, from a brewery long forgotten, but which has left an enduring impression.

 In an attempt to recreate this elusive beer, Guy established Gritchie Brewing Company, which was launched in 2017 with ‘English Lore’ his interpretation of a quintessential British ale. Guy continues to be an integral part of the business and a committed beer drinker.

 ‘I’ve always had a passion for beer and pub culture, so it seemed fitting that I should set up a brewery. I’m interested in trying to add a subtle and contemporary change to the traditional drink of Britain.’

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This is our legacy. This is our lore.
This is Beer As It Should Be.
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