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At Gritchie Brewing Company we are dedicated to bringing great beer to all people. We work closely together on the Estate to make sure that the beer in your glass is as fresh and tasty as if you were drinking it inside the brewery.

Guy Ritchie

I’ve always had a passion for beer and pub culture, so it seemed fitting that I should set up a brewery. I’m interested in trying to add a subtle and contemporary change to the traditional drink of Britain.


Adrian Peskin

I’m the head brewer at Gritchie Brewing Company. It has taken me several years with lots of travelling, listening, hard work and learning from great people to bring me to where I reside today. I have been on a mission to discover everything there is to know about beer and it’s an ongoing process. It is gratifying to be in a position to brew here at Ashcombe Estate with Guy. It’s a truly stunning place and I’m surrounded by a great team. That, as we all know, is what really makes the difference. It is every brewer’s dream to work at a brewery that grows its own barley and it makes me feel more connected to our beer, seeing it through every step of the journey from grain to glass.


Andrea Salgaro

I brew and learn alongside Adrian. We daily bat ideas back and forth. It’s great to be working with someone who can enthuse with you. I’m eager with plans and suggestions, but equally happy to be the back-up taste buds too. I’m no stranger to hard work and can be found at the brewery most days doing cellar checks, cleaning or racking our beer so that it’s ready to go to some lucky pubs. Other days, you will find me loading full casks or bringing back empty ones. When I’m not here I’m out on deliveries, waving to people, chatting to others. The best part of this job is the constant reminder that this is work – it feels more like a way of life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Brendan Raisbeck

I manage the Ashcombe Estate, which involves running the Ashgrove Farm as well as all the other activities and projects. I was born and raised in Southern Africa where I worked as a professional Safari Guide, wildlife photographer and conservation manager in Zambia. These years taught me a lot about managing wild areas and the Flora and Fauna that flourish there. For the brewery, I keep my eye on the numbers and being a bit of a weather-watcher, I’m the chap who makes sure we harvest our barley, used in our flagship beer English Lore, at exactly the right time. When working the land, each day is different with its own challenges and the team look to me to keep things on track.

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