At Gritchie Brewing Company we are dedicated to brewing beer using traditional methods. We work closely together on the Estate to make sure that the beer in your glass is as fresh and tasty as if you were drinking it inside the brewery.

Guy Ritchie

I’ve always had a passion for beer and pub culture, so it seemed fitting that I should set up a brewery. I’m interested in trying to add a subtle and contemporary change to the traditional drink of Britain.

Kane Upton

Kane is an award winning brewer who started his career producing premium beers and ciders. Now he oversees the operational side of Gritchie to keep the brewery running smoothly.


I’m the person who, when you call, you will hear say: “Hello.” I’m the one who knows where everybody is and what they’re doing. I deal with every touchpoint for our beer once it leaves the brewery – whether that means speaking to wholesalers, publicans or organising a tasting here on site. I’m the steady driver. The list-writer. And the multi-tasker. If you want something done, ask me. I’m the one who can probably help make it happen.