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Owned by critically acclaimed screenwriter, producer and director, Guy Ritchie, Gritchie Brewing Company is a microbrewery based on a working farm on the Ashcombe Estate near the town of Shaftesbury.
Ritchie’s real interest in pubs, beer and brewing really stems from his love of story: he learnt early on that the pub was the best place to hear a yarn…
“There always used to be a folk singer and a few old boys that could tell a story!’ he reminisces. It is, he says, ‘a tradition that doesn’t exist anymore in country pubs’, and he credits it as being ‘the genesis’ of his interest in narrative.

‘I was aware of the tradition of storytelling when I was around 15, in a pub listening to some old geezer telling a story. He’d clearly been telling stories for a very long time and inherited a tradition [that existed] before you had other forms of mediums and entertainment. Everything was encapsulated within folk stories, folklore and folk music.’.

The impact of hearing the ‘old boys’ is evident within Ritchie’s movies. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch both include tales told in the pub. It’s clear that although storytelling is his main passion, the British pub is held in equally high esteem.

‘It’s good in the winter, it’s good in the spring, it’s good in summer and good in the autumn; it’s good in the day and good at night!’, he says with a smile, fresh off the back of an eight-hour session in one of the locals in Shaftesbury near his home at Ashcombe Estate, where the brewery is situated.
Evidently, it is the cumulation of these enduringly fond memories down the ‘boozer’ that has ultimately led him to create his own. Lore of the Land in Fitzrovia, which sits in the shadow of the iconic BT tower, is the embodiment and vision of Guy’s perfect pub. His attention to detail and love of craftsmanship means Lore of the Land oozes in character.
Like stepping back into a Dickens’ novel, Lore of the Land feels like a classic London parlour, dispensing Gritchie beers on cask and keg and serving delicious dishes cooked over charcoal and flame.

However, as if owning a pub wasn’t enough, Ritchie - who has been an avid beer drinker all his life - felt compelled to fill his pub, and many others, with his own beer by investing a significant sum of money into building a microbrewery, Gritchie Brewing Company.

Driven by a fond memory of a long-forgotten cask ale he drank growing up, Ritchie set the task for his brewery to recreate this nostalgic beer that launched Gritchie Brewing Company into the public arena in 2017. English Lore - a robust Best Bitter, full of malt character and floral English hops - realised the filmmaker’s dream and set the wheels in motion for what could become a family of brands that centred very much on hospitality, including the Compton Abbas Airfield taproom and eatery in addition to Lore of the Land, and the Cashmere Caveman Wild Kitchen Co.
‘There's such a thing as a pretentious pub… there is such a thing as rubbish food, right? I'm not interested in bad food, but I am interested in bad pubs. They are what they are, right? I hate bad lighting, but in a bad pub I don't mind bad lighting; I just like it for being what it is. Any boozer around here has been a boozer for hundreds and hundreds of years, so it's earned its keep and it's allowed to have bad lighting if it wants to have bad lighting.’

His devotion to the public house is infectious. He speaks eloquently about it and has a way with words that makes you want to simply consume the essence of the pub in liquid form: something he’s trying to recreate in his beers.

Whether visiting the Lord or the Land pub, Compton Abbas Airfield, or being lucky enough to visit the brewery on the estate itself, there’s no denying that Ritchie has gone to great lengths to painstakingly ensure everything is in its right place. No element has been untouched by someone who clearly loves expressing their creativity through attention to detail while allowing people from all walks of life to converse over a pint of satisfying ale in an environment deeply rooted in an age-old tradition.

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