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Pastry Sour

Key Lime Pie


Alc 6.0% Vol

Brewer's Lore

In the spirit of Archangel Gabriel’s courage, our Key Lime Pie Pastry Sour emboldens you to embrace the exploration of new, exciting flavour combinations.  Made with a base of speciality malts and digestive biscuits, and wonderfully layered with lime, this Pastry Sour is tart and fruity with undertones of silky sweetness.

Brewer's Notes

Key Lime Pastry Sour that is tart and fruity with undertones of silky sweetness.


Citrus and biscuit.

Malts & Adjuncts

Dextrin, oats and wheat, to give a heavy mouthfeel.


No need for hops; all digestive biscuits and whole crushed lime.


Sweet, heavy with lime tartness and a rich biscuity base.


Extra pale, almost like a vanilla milkshake.

Food Pairing

Ceviche or grilled shrimp with a citrusy marinade.

Trade info

440ml Cans

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