Archangel Raguel

Raguel embodies justice and harmony and evokes the best that life can offer. This unfiltered beer has elusive flavoursome charm.


Sun Lore

English Pale Ale

Alc 4.3% Vol.

We brewed this classic pale ale to highlight the Maris Otter barley which is grown on the estate on which the brewery is located. The hops we have chosen for this beer add apricot and citrus flavours to the 100% Maris Otter grain bill. It gets its name from its sunshine yellow hue and that it is best enjoyed outside on a warm summer’s day.


Lemon zest and grapefruit


Golden Promise, Dextrin & Caramalt


Centennial, Simcoe & Columbus


Balanced and refreshing citrus flavours


Sunflower yellow


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